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We are a boutique travel agency, part of the Travel with Intention Collective. We are committed to helping you achieve your travel aspirations, whatever they are.

Making Moments into Memories

There is a wonderful saying, “Travel opens your heart, broadens your mind, and fills your life with stories to tell”. What a wonderful thing!

We want to be there for you to help you make memories that will fill your life with stories to tell, long after your holiday has ended. If you are looking for a boutique agency that values you and what you desire from your travel, then Live Life,  Love Travel is for you. 

We are a part of the Travel with Intention Collective, meaning that we can offer you everything you can get from the bigger agencies, but you are a part of the LLLT family, not just a surname in a database. We promote and believe in our six aspirations to holistic travel:







Got your 2020 travel aspirations in mind? Ready to Book?

YES! We made it to 2020! And you know what that means? 366 glorious days ahead to plan your travel adventure. What is your travel aspiration for this year? Time with family? Maybe a special celebration is ahead? Whatever you need, we can help!

You are only limited by your imagination…

Every day we are making memories for our fellow travel lovers. What is it that your heart desires? To immerse yourself in a new Culture? To take some time to relax and Refresh? To Connect with something or someone to make your heart happy? To spend time with your Family and make some precious memories?

EXCLUSIVE! Croatia 2021

EXCITING NEWS – Cruise Croatia in 2021 and take in all the amazing sights from Split to Dubrovnik. Click below for more.

Keep in touch!

We’d love to keep you up to date with all that is happening with LLLT. If you’d like to keep in touch, click below.

Proud to be aligned with the Travel with Intention Collective